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We at Piranite.com are not just another e-shop. We believe that everyone who loves fishing deserves the best for his passion. That is why we have synthesized our long experience, knowledge and contacts to offer all our fellow fishermen what they deserve at the best price.

We are proud that we know the needs of our customers and we can give them advice in order to enjoy their fishing trips as much as possible.

We ourselves are fishermen, for more than 15 years, we help our colleagues for passion to enjoy their hobby in salty and sweet waters in Bulgaria and in the world. Our story starts in 2001 with a small shop and a lot of enthusiasm. Today, after hundreds of caught fish, we are here to share your knowledge and skills with you. And everything you need to catch your dream fish with.

We offer a huge diversity of global brands of fishing and camping accessories and equipment and we are ready to give you advice according to your needs. We guarantee that if you do not find what you're looking for, it is not available in Bulgaria. But still ... ask. Maybe we'll find it - especially for you.

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